Christian Growth

Table of Contents

These articles relate to Christian growth. If you are looking for maturity in your walk with God, these can help.

A Heart for Learning by Randy Hartwig. Having a heart for learning is one of the keys to success in your walk with God and even in your daily life. Check out this entry from my blog.

Christian Love by Randy Hartwig. A discussion of Romans 12: 9-13 that gives you 10 specific tips on how to develop genuine love in your Christian life. 

Hitting the Target by Randy Hartwig. In our personal life there are targets we need to learn how to hit, dead center if we want to be fruitful and successful as Christians.

Humility – the Missing Attitude by Randy Hartwig.  Humility is an attitude that is missing in many Christian leaders and believers today. Boasting and arrogance have become the new normal in God’s house.

Jesus Prays for You by Randy Hartwig. Takes a closer look at John 17, the prayer of Jesus for all who would believe in Him. This happened just before He was arrested and went to die on the cross. 

Missing God’s Will by Randy Hartwig. A true confession about the struggles I went through related to doing God’s will concerning this website outreach. Good lessons here.

Use Your Gifts Well by Randy Hartwig. Briefly discusses 1 Peter 4:10-11 about the importance of using the gifts God has given you to serve one another.

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