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You can grow in every way in your personal and spiritual life as a follower of Jesus Christ! This is a bold statement, but it is possible and the Bible provides you with everything you need to do it. The purpose of this website is to help you discover what God’s Word teaches and show you ways you can apply His truth to your life. When you do that it will change you and launch you on an incredible journey with Him.

Some of the things you will learn here include:

  • How you can grow in a relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. This will enable you to experience the fullness of His love, forgiveness of all your sin and eternal life.
  • How you can grow in the Word of God. The Bible is the source of all truth and relevant to your life today, so it is important to your spiritual development. Love it. Learn it. Live it. 
  • How you can grow in the Holy Spirit, the source of power for all believers. As you let Him flow in your life you will discover the unique spiritual gifts He has given you. He will also work His power in you to enable you to walk out the truths you learn in the Word.
  • How you can grow as an integral part of the Body of Jesus Christ, the assembly of believers that has been commonly referred to as the church. The true church is not a building, an institution or religion. It is a living organism, a community of love, worship, and service. In the Body of Christ, when He is allowed to be in control, He leads us and builds us together to do His work.  The gates of hell can not stand against the assembly Jesus builds. The darkness will be defeated. 

The Site Name – Grow in Every Way

grow friom seed

The site name is based on a scripture verse in Ephesians 4:15 where the apostle Paul gives the assembly of believers in Ephesus some basic instruction on two key issues: (1) what the  leaders are called to do, which is equip believers for the work of the ministry i.e. serving, (2) priorities that members should establish. (Read the entire text in context here: Ephesians 4:11-16.)

One of the priorities given to the believers is (vs. 15) “we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ”. As we speak the truth in love, it will cause us to grow in every way and become more and more like Christ.

My goal is to make every effort to fulfill that verse. Sometimes the truth will hit you” between the eyes” and pierce your heart. Now that can be very difficult to face. You get this negative feeling inside you. It is known as “conviction”. It’s not the absence of God’s love, but rather His love being revealed to you through the truth you learn. It’s learning the truth that exposes a weakness in your life. The good news is that God’s Holy Spirit can give you the power to overcome your weakness and help you walk in His truth. It occurs through a process the Bible calls repentance. You acknowledge your sin (weakness) to God and He helps you change. For this reason, I will sometimes be very bold with what I share because I believe God’s people desperately need to hear truth with no compromise.

I will be adding more content to the articles, podcasts, and blog to help you achieve these growth goals.  Explore the site and discover what God has for you. 

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Are You Done with the Institutional Church?

I am. I even used to work for it for a few decades, but I’m out now and I’m never going back. That process is called unchurching and is being experienced by tens of thousands of believers and leaders all over the world.  So we are done with church but not with Jesus. Why did I (we) leave? Because the religious system has become corrupt, weak and not biblical in most places. It has very little in common with what Jesus started in the first century. Men and women have exalted themselves, or been appointed, to places of headship and power that function in place of Jesus.  Humans are building the church for Him instead of letting Him come in their midst and do what He wants. Religious activities must be replaced by following the spontaneous moving of the Holy Spirit as He expresses Himself in and through His people. 

So unchurching requires reprogramming. Jesus wants to cleanse our souls of all the religious baggage we have picked up over the years. He wants to give us a fresh vision of what He wants to do with His people. The idea of church is being replaced by what the Bible calls ekklesia.

Did you know the Bible doesn’t even use the word church in the original language?  Since the Bible doesn’t use that word I stopped using it too. You can read about that here. The word used by Jesus and the apostles is ekklesia.  That’s an assembly of believers who make up what the Bible calls the Body of Jesus Christ. In the Body each one functions in their spiritual gifts under His Headship. It’s not an organization that meets to do religious things. It’s not the building people meet in for religious services. It’s the real Jesus present in His people and freely moving among them by His Holy Spirit through anyone He chooses.  Jesus told Peter and the apostles with Him Matthew 16:18 WEB …I will build my assembly (ekklesia), and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.”

I have added a new section to this website to provide insight to unchurching called Ekklesia – His Assembly. Reading the content will help you understand how to be part of the Body of Christ and function in it. Being vitally connected to such an assembly will help you grow in every way. That is very relevant to what we are learning here.

To introduce you to this new feature you can read Done With Church – Are You?  and learn about my experience. Then you can follow that up with my mini book, Radical for His Church. These can help you if you are struggling with the whole modern concept of church like I was, or if you have already made your departure.

Do You Live in the Mitchell, SD area?

Do you live in or near Mitchell and are looking for a relationship with other believers that are done with the institutional church?  Contact me at randy@randyhartwig.com. Let’s arrange a time to meet up and discuss it.  I’m not trying to start a traditional church. Been there, done that. I want to promote Christians gathering together as an extended family to love God, serve one another, and reach out to those who don’t know Him. Be sure to read the content at Ekklesia – His Assembly. That way you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m talking about.


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