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Randy and Laurel HartwigHi there! I’m Randy Hartwig. Jesus Christ apprehended my life back in 1971 and His love has radically changed me.  I’m a husband, foster dad, and dog lover. I was born in Missouri, met my wife, Laurel, in Minnesota. I worked in institutional non-denominational churches in New York State for over 35 years and am now living in South Dakota.  In the past I have been a pastor, teacher, worship leader and business administrator in the institutional church. 

In 2017 God led me to leave the system that I had been devoted to. Since then He has been adjusting my understanding of what most people call “church”. I learned that what I had been taught and practiced, based on the centuries old traditions of men, was so far removed from what Jesus actually wanted. So I’ve been on an exciting new adventure learning about the simple work Jesus is building in this day called ekklesia.

I’m also a writer and I can create websites, so that’s why I’m here. I’m using this platform together with the Bible to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help believers get to know Him better. The home page of this site presents a summary of what I will offer here and I expect that to expand over time.

My goal is to make this site a valuable resource to all who call Jesus their Lord and Savior. If you agree that it is, please come back regularly and share it with your friends and family. 

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